Troot Times : March 2024 :Your go-to e-newspaper for all the coolest news, made just for you!

Troot Times : March 2024 :Your go-to e-newspaper for all the coolest news, made just for you!

India's Future-Focused Budget!

On February 1, just before a big round of elections, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, unveiled some sneak peeks into the country's budget for 2024-25.

The budget aims to be a blueprint for a brighter tomorrow, aiming to boost the lives of young minds, those in need, our inspiring women, and the hardworking farmers. The vision? Transforming India into 'Viksit Bharat'—that's 'Awesome India' to you and me—by the year 2047. That's when India will hit the grand age of 100 years of independence!

So, what's the scoop on education and health? Buckets of investment! Over ₹73,000 crore is being poured into education to make learning more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Health isn't left behind either, with a whopping ₹89,155 crore allocated

These plans are all about carving out a fantastic future for India. Let's get ready to be part of this amazing journey!


Big News in Big Places!

Eiffel Tower Now Takes UPI Payments From India!

The Eiffel Tower in France has made buying tickets super easy for Indian visitors. How? By accepting UPI payments - yes, the same way you buy stuff with your phone in India! This started on Indian Republic Day, making France the first European spot to welcome UPI with open arms. No more currency confusion or payment puzzles , and more places in Europe will follow suit. Happy travels!

Discoveries and Mysteries!

Huge Ancient Wall Discovered Under the Sea!

Dive in, history hunters ! There is a thrilling find from the Baltic Sea. Scientists have found an underwater wall that's 10,000 years old, stretching nearly a kilometer long! Built from big and small stones, it's thought to be a hunting aid by Stone Age geniuses. This could be the oldest human-made megastructure in Europe. Who knew our ancestors were such great builders?

Tech for Tomorrow!

Cool New Earrings That Check Your Temperature!

Tech-savvy friends, listen up! Researchers in the USA have invented 'thermal earrings' that can tell your body temperature, thanks to a clever clip on your earlobe. These earrings not only look cool but also keep tabs on how warm or cold you are, and even the room's temperature. With a battery life of 28 days and customizable designs, who knew science could be this stylish?

Sky-High Innovations! Dubai's Future Sky Rides: Air Taxis Coming in 2026!

Fasten your seatbelts, future flyers , news zooming in from Dubai. By 2026, getting around this dazzling city will reach new heights - literally - with air taxis! Electric flying cars will whisk passengers from point A to B, high above traffic. Testing starts in 2025, making every trip an adventure. Skyports will be the new hangouts for catching your ride. The future of travel looks uplifting!

Stellar Support for Aspiring Astronauts!

Reach for the Stars: New Fellowship for Indian Women in Space!

Dreaming of space, star chasers ? Here’s some galactic news. The Kalpana Fellowship, named after astronaut Kalpana Chawla, is helping Indian girls aim for the stars. If you're into engineering or spacey stuff, this program's for you, offering mentorship and hands-on space projects. It's all about making space for women in the cosmos. Ready to launch your dreams?

That's all for today, folks! Keep dreaming big, staying curious, and exploring the world around you. Until next time, this is Dr. Troot, signing off. Stay foxy, my friends!

Main Editor and Reporter: Dr. Troot, the grey fox with a nose for news


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