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Welcome to the world of Froot Root!

Born from our quest as parents navigating the tween years—a time of laughter, growth, and,a few challenges .As our child grew into a tween, his lifestyle changed - more sports, activities, time outdoors, travel, and, as a pre-teen, an evolving body.Finding the right care for our child’s changing skin and hair felt daunting amidst the market's gaps. Baby care products seemed too mild, and adult or teen products too strong.

Getting it just right..

With over forty years combined in the personal care industry, we set out to create products for the unique needs of these vibrant yet delicate years. We collaborated with experts in Ayurveda, dermatology, and market research, many of whom are also tween parents.Formulated by a doctor, every product was rigorously tested with hundreds of tweens and their parents, and (and on our child too). After two long years, we were finally satisfied with the safe yet effective solutions coming out of our lab: just right for tweens and active kids. And that is Froot Root, from our family to yours

Change is part of the journey

We get it !Tween years are a significant transition, not just for them, but for the whole family. And while change can be uncomfortable, its all part of the journey of growing up !As we all adapt, grow, and occasionally stumble through this period, know that with Froot Root, you're never alone. Together, let's embrace this transformative journey with joy, armed with science, wisdom, and a good sense of humor on the side.

Your tweens go-to for #healthyhygienehabits

Oh, and our friendly ally Dr. Troot will be your tween's new #BFF to develop healthy hygiene habits!

Love,The Froot Root Family.